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Mason Dining Godegas

Environmental/Vehicle Design

Designer, Project lead

Challenge: Mason Dining requested the Office of University Branding (OUB) to create on-Mason-brand, fun, vehicle wrap designs for their two new electric vehicles (godegas). The godegas range over the whole Fairfax campus (667 acres) to bring food options to students, faculty and staff. Campus dining vendors would stock the trucks on a rotating basis, so the designs needed to reflect a variety of dining options. 
Role: Senior Designer in OUB, I worked with Mason Dining partners to understand design desires and negotiated those with Mason's brand identity. I created the artwork and applied it to the truck specifications. When designs were produced, I worked with printer/installer to ensure that the wraps were done according to design.
Effect: The Godegas are now regularly seen about campus, wings open, and cheerful, feeding the campus community.


Project management
Adobe Creative Suite

Godegas in action


Photo by Evan Cantwell for Mason Creative Services

Slider_godega 1

Photo by Evan Cantwell for Mason Creative Services

godega and me

Artwork set up

Artwork for vehicle side panel. Reads

Side.panel artwork


Top .panel artwork

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