CCD Mailers

B2B Print Marketing

Role: Project Manager, Art Director, Designer.
Brief: The Center for Culinary Development used mailers as primary marketing device. Each mailer included a custom food item with a marketing message. These mailers would be followed by a call from CCD's Business Development. 
Challenge: Quarterly, to develop on-trend messaging and food items, design and produce project on time and on budget.
Team: Cross-functional: Design, Business Development, Marketing, Culinary, Trendology, Senior Management
Solution/Effect:  Changed from an ad hoc, disorganized project to a managed, calendared, pipeline of ideas that effectively told the brand story of CCD and made the case for CCD’s process and capabilities. The mailers provided an engaging point of contact for Business Development. We were routinely told that receivers looked forward to the insight and treats that came with each mailer. 


Project Management
Art Direction
Print Production


Mailer creation Process

Chefs' Council
with Ricchuti Chocolate

Chefs’ Council Mailer
chefs councilQ310 vert fold cardf
chefs councilQ310 vert fold cardb

Sound & Snack Bites
with a selection of on trend snacks

bites spreadssp2
bites spreadssp3

Seeds of Opportunity
with chocolate covered sunflower seeds

CCD mailer portfolio imagesseeds sunflowe
Q209 Fold card 4 panel
Q209 Fold card 4 panel

What CCD Brings to the Table
with harissa


Peach of an Idea
with grilled peach popcorn

CCD mailer portfolio imagespeach pop
CCD mailer portfolio imagespeach pop 2
CCD mailer portfolio imagespp3
CCD mailer portfolio imagespp4
designclaire wht

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